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In 2003 50 Cent teamed up with Marc Ecko, the acclaimed designer and founder of Ecko Unlimited, to create the G Unit Clothing Company. Staying true to fresh and original designs The G Unit Clothing Company set out to be a top contender in the urban fashion market.

"We are excited to work with 50 Cent on the G-Unit Clothing Company collection. Ecko Unlimited has had a long relationship with 50, supporting his efforts while he was still an unsigned artist," said Marc Ecko. "We knew that he was capable of this level of success and this collection is indicative of his achievements."

Reflecting both the rugged and refined aspects of the G Unit lifestyle, the clothing line draws direct inspiration and input from its' namesakes. The collection truly represents the "style of the streets," an interpretation inspired by G Unit's raw image and savvy personas. As 50 Cent simply puts it The G Unit Clothing Company is "Quality clothing... I think it's the best possible clothing company".

G Unit member Lloyd Banks seconds this notion by adding an introspective point of view about the line. He thinks that it is the matching color scheme that will attract people to The G Unit Clothing Company. To Banks, the simplicity of the line juxtaposed with small but noticeable features will add to the appeal of the clothes.

In agreement Young Buck says that The G Unit Clothing Company is set apart from other clothing companies because it features "More coordinated colors... a whole new flavor and a classy street look".

Learn More @ www.G-UnitClothing.com

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