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It might seem cold, especially considering his run of bad luck included getting shot in the face, but 50 Cent owes a lot to his hard times. If not the victim of a brutal shooting, the Queens rapper would probably still be signed to Columbia and trying to fight his way through the MC masses, instead of ending up the heavily-hyped patron of Dr. Dre and Eminem. But when this good fortune came along, 50 grabbed it; Get Rich Or Die Tryin' is the kind of album Shady proteges like Xzibit have always failed to deliver. Through a series of ominous, methodical beats, 50 stalks calmly, with a voice hardened by mixtape freestyles and confident it has little to prove. It's an approach best summed up by "Patiently Waiting," which resignedly claims, "When I die, they'll read this and say a genius wrote it." Not likely--most of these rhymes are too shallow to warrant the hopeful comparisons to Biggie and Tupac. But if you want the best disposable gangsta tunes on the market, 50 Cent offers a definite bargain.

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