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UGO: I heard you bought a place in Connecticut.

50 Cent: Yeah, I bought Mike Tyson's house.

UGO: How do you like it there?

50 Cent: Man, I love it.

UGO: I'm looking to move out there.

50 Cent: You single?

UGO: No, wife and kids.

50 Cent: Then Connecticut is perfect. It's quiet. I was going to say if you're single, you might want to be somewhere else, like the city (Manhattan). But in Connecticut, you get more for your money.

UGO: You put a studio in your house, right?

50 Cent: Yeah. I just got it done and worked on the record in there.

UGO: Can you separate the time for relaxing from making music?

50 Cent: Not really. Dre used to have a studio in his house, and he took that s*** out of there because he was working all the time. So when he is at home, he's home relaxing, and when he's at the studio, he's doing his thing. For me, I'm trying to...without working at the pace I'm working at, I can't progress at the pace I'm progressing at.

UGO: On one hand, it can be a good thing, because your son can be with you.

50 Cent: Yeah, he thinks he's a grown man. (Laughs) He comes in the middle of everything that's going on and starts playing with me - then we'll stop and go play.

UGO: Are you out trying to relax sometimes, though, and you come up with something hot and you can't wait, so you have to go record it?

50 Cent: Yeah, but he'll give a look like 'Yo, you just came back.' He'll say it, though, you know? Like, "You just came home and all you do is this." And then I'll stop and go ahead and hang out with him.

UGO: Would you want your son to get into the game?

50 Cent: I wouldn't aim him towards anything. What he likes right now is...he's a basketball fanatic. I have people come over and we practice with him and play inside the house, but he's more...right now I just make him do his schoolwork. He'll find his direction. I don't want to force him into any direction.

"He'll hear whatever I'm working on, so I'll explain it to him instead of hiding it from him. I'll always explain it to him."

UGO: Is there ever a case where you want to lay something down, and you don't want him to hear it?

50 Cent: Nah. You know what it is? He'll hear whatever I'm working on, so I'll explain it to him instead of hiding it from him. I'll always explain it to him.

UGO: Speaking of the tracks, do you just flow on a beat?

50 Cent: Yeah, I write to the music.

UGO: Is it natural now, or still work?

50 Cent: For me, musically, melodies are getting more natural.

UGO: Do you find it a gift?

50 Cent: I think it's a gift. Like everything else, though, practice makes perfect. The more you work, the better you get at it. That's why I don't think I've peaked - I'm only getting better and better.

UGO: You, in particular, and the way you are portrayed, do you think that people expect you to be one-dimensional?

50 Cent: They make me out to be one-dimensional. There is a song on my new album, "God Gave Me Style," that no one has heard from me to this point, because my music tends to be aggressive. But I speak about the harsh reality.

UGO: Now, someone said that you were interested in signing Ja Rule to your label, but I don't think that sounded right.

50 Cent: It ain't. I was joking.

UGO: I thought so.

50 Cent: I was joking because, you know, all that's been going down at his label. What was funny, though, was that The Game's record came out and sold more records in its first week than Ja's did in eleven weeks.

UGO: When you are working on someone's record, like Game's, is the stuff done and you come in and drop your rhymes, or is it the opposite?

50 Cent: The opposite, I created those records. We worked around me.

UGO: Is there ever a case where you lay something down on another record and you're like "Damn, I want that back"?

50 Cent: All the time. (Laughs) Every time I go in and do it and it turns into a smash hit, I'm like, "Damn, I could have had that one myself." But I ain't selfish, so I sacrifice.

UGO: Do you think fans and the media want 50 Cent to be who they envision him to be - the thug, the guy who got shot, etc. - and don't want to imagine you are more than that when you are - a father, a businessman, etc?

50 Cent: Yeah, I mean they pick the parts that you say are real, and not the parts they don't want.

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